1. What is the system SolaAir™?

A system of decorative panels for the manufacture of dynamic "live" designs with movable elements(sequins). Products are designed and manufactured in the Russian scientific-production company "Technology Reflection". The company manufactures products in three types Standard, Pixel, Bit, under their own registered brand SolaAir™! Production facility and headquarters are located in the southern Federal district of the Russian Federation the city of Krasnodar.

The basis of the Standard panels and Pixel is a lattice panel with the mounting holes. The panel is made of durable polymer material having high transparency. The panel is very flexible and lightweight(150 grams!).

The bar Bit is a monolithic Foundation with a fixing hole. The panel is made of durable polymer material having high transparency. The panel is very durable and lightweight(30 grams!).

Movable reflective elements is presented in three forms: disk, square, octagon. Movable reflective elements made of a polymer material having a, high-quality color mirror coating. Material and manufacturing technology of movable reflective elements  fully developed by our company, have no analogues and are manufactured in our own production.

2. Where use technology SolaAir?

Decorative panels SolaAir - used for making indoor and outdoor advertising, structures, facades, design of the interiors of public places and private premises, namely:

  • billboards, extenders, signs, panels;
  • portable media - stands, signs;
  • trade and exhibition halls, concert halls, shows and other entertainment events;
  • reception area and meeting guests (reception, help-desk etc.);
  • interior decoration of Nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, apartments and offices, shops;
  • organization of photo and video zones;
  • create festive displays and window dressing, etc.;

The purpose of using technology SolaAir® — increasing engagement and concentration. Research on the Russian market, advertising, the media that used such a system, draws 6 times more visual contacts compared with regular paper or light performance.

3. What means SolaAir?

It registered a name consisting of a phrase of two English words Solar (reflectance) and Air (air). SolaAir (literally) reflective air.

4. How does SolaAir?

SolaAir® — brilliant panel consisting of small elements(sequins, glitter, glitters, flakes), constantly shinning and reflecting the light at different angles. Shiny elements are free to move due to the smooth motion of air, which is a reflection of light in all directions like a disco ball. In addition, the reflective elements have a different orientation relative to each other and therefore reflect light differently and move in different planes, which adds to the visual solution.

5. What is the system SolaAir?

The system is based on the lattice panel with the mounting holes. The panel consists of intersecting strips. On each strip there are 9 rods, thus forming a system of rods to the number 81шт perpendicularly arranged rods. At each rod is suspended from the movable reflecting element(hereinafter M.R.E.).

M.R.E. is provided in three forms: disk, square, polyhedron. M.R.E. is made from a thin polymeric material having a, high-quality color mirror coating.

6. What color rendered panels SolaAir?

Panel SolaAir presented in different colors. Standard colors(Monochrome), multicolor version(Polychrome), special Effects.

Standard color(Monochrome) - more than 15 colors.

Full-color version(Polychrome) - any photo can be applied over the reflecting elements. We use several technologies to apply the full print:

UV printing - looks like a satin mirror with applied multicolor image. This technology allows to make impression 4+1(cmyk+white), with additional white color. For the application of the imprint we use equipment which has no analogues in Russia;

Latex printing - mirror image, with a high degree of mirror effect. We are also ready to offer, use the color printing technology without a mirror effect, but with a high degree of gloss that has high print quality with a shimmering effect(specular) image.

7. As the panels are installed SolaAir

Each panel SolaAir has a large number of mounting holes diameter of 3 mm. Mounting holes are located under each of the reflecting element. Panel SolaAir® can be fastened to a surface using double-sided tape, glue, screws and staples.

8. Can the panel be connected together?

Panel SolaAir® on each side and has connecting elements that are executed on the basis of spike/hole. Due to this type of attachment we get very rigid and reliable attachment between panels. For additional fixation of docked panels can be additionally fixed to each other with glue.

9. Is it possible to independently suspend panels, assembled from panels?

One of the main advantages of the panels SolaAir, is the possibility of hanging panels, assembled from panels SolaAir. This advantage is often used in cases when you want to temporarily apply this technology for promotions, celebrations, decorations, scenes and window displays.

10. As SolaAir endure weather conditions: freezing, strong wind gusts, high temperatures and UV exposure?

Durable and elastic material that is used in the manufacture of decorative panels SolaAir, has a high resistance to temperature extremes, gusts up to 40m/s and UV exposure. Read more about the operating conditions of the system SolaAir, you can find this article: Advantages of live original signage SolaAir"

11. The movable reflective disk is made in two versions: flat and faceted. What is it for?

Flat disk reflects light flow throughout its entire area. We have developed a technology by which a movable reflective disc caused risks (vertical lines). Due to the marked lines on the movable reflective element, it becomes slightly faceted. This increases reflectivity.

12. What are the production time when ordering large panels squaring SolaAir?

Custom orders with big sizes take 3 to 7 working days.

13. What is the warranty on the panel SolaAir?

We offer our clients best terms of service, and warranty. The warranty period for the products SolaAir® — 12 months. The life of the system SolaAir - up to three years!

14. How to make sure that you have bought original products of the company SolaAir?

Every order panels SolaAir you get the passport production order, and a copy of the patent.

15. How to choose the right form of the movable reflective element?

If your project uses color-based and system SolaAir require you to attract additional attention, in this case, we recommend to use the form of M.R.E. in the form of a disc or polygon. This will increase the visibility of your products and will give a saturation of the whole structure.

If your project requires the maximum to block the background color of the advertising structure, or you use a dynamic system SolaAir in the form of independent design/hanging panels, photo zone and so on/. In this case, we recommend you to use a rectangular shape of M.R.E.

16. How to choose a background color for the system SolaAir?

When you use panels standard colors, we recommend you apply the background of the substrate close to the color of the panels. Recommended colors are indicated in the section "Options for color schemes"

Still have questions?

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